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November 27 - 28, 2017 | Philadelphia, PA


Podcast: CMI’s Robert Rose on the Content Technology He Uses

Robert Rose is chief strategy advisor to the Content Marketing Institute, founder of The Content Advisory, and one of the leading experts on content marketing and branded content. He also is the co-chair the upcoming branded content summit FUSE Enterprise — click here to see if you qualify to attend. On this episode of the […]

Why Content Analytics Matter for Data-Savvy Brands

Brands are embracing the role of publisher because they’ve realized that content is one of the most effective ways to engage prospects, learn about their needs, and nurture them towards a conversion. As brands commit to becoming content creators, they must also adopt the tools publishers use to drive success. Critical to executing an effective […]

Content Repurposing: How SAP Turned 1 Whitepaper Into 650 Assets

In this video, Target Marketing’s Thorin McGee speaks with Ginger Shimp, senior marketing director at SAP North America, about her company’s recent campaign that yielded more than 650 pieces of content along 19 industry verticals — all from one whitepaper. Ginger will be present on SAP North America’s content marketing strategy at FUSE Enterprise.

How Cognitive Computing & Data Analytics Will Transform Marketing

Some of the latest buzzwords marketers are hearing these days are in the machine learning space as businesses seek to automate how they gather and interpret data about current and potential customers. These efforts can accelerate marketers’ ability to find the right people and match the right marketing messages to them. Cognitive computing in particular has […]

Learn How Vanguard, Red Hat & AMA Are Driving New Business With Content & Data Technologies

One of the biggest challenges brand marketers face today is how to develop content that drives real results for their business, whether that’s increasing engaged time on site, capturing emails signups, or converting new customers. Increasingly, marketers are turning to data analytics to better understand what type of content is resonating with consumers. In addition […]